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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hates Flu season

So about three weeks ago my family was hit with this AWFUL bug that stayed with us for about a week. Well with my awesome luck, it seems that my daughter is sick again. This time it is not as yucky as last time, just a bad cough. I would really like to know how we keep getting sick when we don't leave the house or interact with others very often. Boy, summer can't get here fast enough.

On a positive note, we went to grandpa's today and Bug had a lovely time playing with the cousins.

I'm proud to say that I started to make bias tape for the first yesterday and they are coming along quite nicely (I think?). Now I just need to find our iron to finish them... I have till the 8th to finish this project which consists of finishing the tape and sewing together. I also need to start on baby G's gifts and C's b-day gift and do some cutting on the girls quilt. I should probably make J something too so he won't feel left out. With all these projects to do that means a trip to Joann's, this time I will make a list so I don't forget anything. I already know where I'm going when our tax return comes in :)

Lost Countdown: 2 days until premiere!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

our first story-time

Well we finally made it out to story-time at the local library. It didn't go so well, Bug had a major meltdown and we had to leave early. ugh! I've decide two can't go by fast enough... terrible just doesn't quite cover it. On a positive note, potty training is going well sorta. As long as Bug is naked she will go to the potty all by herself with no accidents. However when she is wearing anything (panties, pull-ups) she goes in them... baby steps... baby steps!

Speaking of growing, Banana played peek-a-boo with me today. It was the cutest thing. I don't think words can describe how adorable it was. Must get video of it :)

Leaving you with this, 4 days till new season of Lost!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I finally decided to dive into the electronic world of blogging. Follow me as I grow and learn from every obstacle life throws my way. Being a stay-at-home-mom to two beautiful girls allows me to try my hand at several hobbies. My new found love is sewing! I have been gifted with my mother's gently-used 1990 Singer sewing machine and I can't seem to stay off it. My next endeavor is a quiet book. The muslin has been bought so I just need to get my hands on felt, lots of it. Off to the craft store I go (this grown-up's toy store).